Friday, 16 June 2017

Social Work Mandates are paralyzing it emerges with work projects that involve sublimation on the task. Every day we are exposed to several cases of varying complexity in the relationship with patients. In addition, society expects us to suitability, honesty, vocation, we do not have prejudices, we are sympathetic, impeccable private life, tolerance of suffering, determination and tenderness, plastic to adapt to multiple situations, self-denial, control and management of emotions, getting along with colleagues, produce scientifically guards employed health, poor and strong, do not fail because it depends on the health or life others, separating the personal from the professional ,........ and the list of demands would continue. There are also special features related to each medical specialty. The distress of the pediatrician or specialist in intensive care, the surgeon who attends or emergencies. Those who deal with serious or terminal ill or infectious, may be exposed to demonstrations that are expressed via psychological symptoms then enumerate. To this we add: * The pauperization of professional practice. The medical assistant is forced to reduce their quality of life and the exercise by the medicine is no longer the binomial doctor-patient who was an indivisible contract with a moral and reasonable remuneration background material, transformed by the work of institutions such as Social Work, Insurance, Prepaid, a trinomial with severe consequences on health care and the doctor. The decrease in compensation requires the extension and acceleration of business hours, rushed consideration that degrades the efficiency and distorts the material and moral covenant medical consultation.
Group Business Max Group our company was born on 24 May 2001, under the name of E-MAX Producciones C.A (maximum entertainment). For several years we are dedicated solely to develop social events and corporate innovators. After some time, we were growing and our clients demanded many other products and services, with the purpose of pleasing them, we were adding to our portfolio. POP material, design and printed matter were found among them. In 2005 it was decided to migrate to the name of the E-MAX GROUP, since it allowed us to represent all our business units, changing the original meaning of the enterprise to maximum expression. At E-Max Group we are a leading company in the world of advertising and marketing. Our main goal is to delight our customers, offering for this purpose, the most innovative products and services through various areas of business. We provide quick and concrete solutions to the reach of our clients; This being that set the parameters of what you want and we can make it happen. Mission: The needs of marketing and advertising for companies recognized in Venezuela, through our products and services, guaranteeing quality, responsibility, creativity, flexibility before the market changes. Vision: Be the best company in the North of Latin America in the services that we offer, achieving a constant self-renew through creativity and innovation, allowing us to exceed the expectations of our customers, while maintaining an excellent quality. Values: We firmly believe in: innovation as fundamental and renewer pillar before the growing and changing needs of the market. Creativity as a force in our human resource that allows us to differentiate ourselves from everything else. Orientation to the clients as our reason be the responsibility as North to the adquiridosEl commitments teamwork as unequivocal space to extract the best ideas the quality in...