Thursday, 18 May 2017

Pressure Level Looking at various different levels of pressure. First, check the Sound power level. When the compressor is part of the energy input required into the energy sound. So, sound power is the energy transferred to facilities in the form of noise per unit time. Sound power (Lw) is the ratio of sound power near the source (W, W) to the base level, for which adopted sound power Wo = U-12 W and is defined as follows: Lw = 10 1g (W / Wo), (dB). For example, if the sound power W near the facility is equal to 1 W, the corresponding sound power level is equal to: Lw = 10 lg (1/10-12) = 10 lg 1012 = 120 dB. Sound power level is not depends on the specific environment in which the compressor is installed, but is a constant value associated with the technical parameters of the equipment. Perhaps check out John Grayken for more information. Therefore, the values of sound power level is convenient used when comparing the acoustic characteristics of different compressors. 2. Sound pressure level. Sound pressure - a sense of sound to the ear, since Our ears perceive pressure variations, like the sound. Pressure Level sound (Lp) is also expressed in dB, and its calculation can be made according to the formula: Lp = 20 lg (p / po), (dB), where p - the sound pressure near the source, Pa, Po = 2 x 10-5 Pa - basic unit of sound pressure (the threshold of audibility). Sound pressure level is variable and depends on many different external factors, as well as on the measurement conditions.
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