Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How To Know If You're A Good Salesman First begin by describing a real seller. Seller is the person who is dedicated exclusively to the sale, but not the one behind a counter or a desk only response to people, but one who knows the entire cycle up the sale, design, development, the first contact, monitoring, implementation, delivery and until the receipt thereof. He is a willing, strong attitude, clear identification and resolution. A good salesperson should be ductile, and should not create problems to solve. You must know your customer and always be updated. You can sell any products but also those which are specific, dedicated to a particular niche and have trained and prepared for it. Being a good salesman is not something that is achieved in a short time, it must meet several factors, but the feature that most defines a "good seller" is his career and stay making this work. The time spent in that role has made him a person of experience in sales, this gives security for himself and others mostly credibility, something essential and indispensable for sale. The seller may be "exclusive dealer" who is hired by the company (relationship) and has been selling products or services of the same. Or maybe: "vendor free", which is that no relationship of dependency with a particular company, but carries in his briefcase different products (usually related) of different companies and receives a commission for selling these items varied. It should be noted that generally, when a seller, in addition to selling, also making the collection in turn receives a percentage commission on the collection made in a timely manner. The vast majority, it is good salesman by vocation, it pervades both the sale is part of their personality, way of life, because selling is an attitude that eventually becomes a habit. Always keep...
German Headquarters Moved Isilon Systems Opening an additional Office and the expansion of the team wearing the increasing demand on the domestic market account the Isilon Systems Germany GmbH i. gr. moved their German headquarters of Munich at the recently opened new offices in Neu-Isenburg. CEO John Watson has many thoughts on the issue. The Hessian Huguenot town, which is one of the largest high-tech locations in the Rhine-main area, in addition to its proximity to the trade fair city of Frankfurt and the airport provides a geographically central location and thus shorter routes to customers and partners. In addition, the site offers more room for growth. This is the manufacturer of scale-out NAS-solutions in addition to Munich at the second location represented and is further expanding its nationwide presence. As well, the internationally active and located on growth companies reinforced his team to three new employees who will support sales and technology. The decision in the future to be present at two locations and at the same time to expand the team, the strategic importance of the Isilon shows the German Attaches to market. Because despite the currently tense global economic situation, we see here in the future growth potential for our innovative solutions. No matter what the current situation looks the volume of file-based information, which have to cope with it, takes no account of this. Mr remain organizations in any industry and size therefore challenged the flood of unstructured data to remain. Here, we want to support our customers as best as possible. Both their products according to individual requirements, but also with an outstanding service and support. To expand the regional proximity and support we see in this context as an essential and important step." Roland VOELSKOW, CEO Isilon Systems Germany GmbH i. gr.