Sunday, 30 April 2017

Summer Holiday Today I write from Spain. I am here for two weeks living with a few companions, and it is I've come so far by a scholarship studies that gave at the school happily touched me Spain because I won't have problem with the language as well. As I have family here I have received an invitation to go to visit them, so my uncle has recommended me to look for a cheap Malaga car hire, to be able to move me more calmly while you are here, as I know drivers I see no major problem, step I can take to know the city a little more and see what Malaga has for me. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Spain, and one of its main economic activities is tourism, so the city is ready to receive thousands of tourists a year, not only to visit its most beautiful landscapes or to know its most representative monuments, but also to enjoy the weather and know its history. Once I got the car, excited I began to visit the places that had been recommended to me, I was fascinated with the Botanical Garden La Concepcion and the Palacio de Congresos. Clear that other places were just as impressive, but those two were engraved in my memory. After my few days journey from Malaga, my cousin recommended me to visit Tenerife to go to spend the summer. So we went to and fro, upon arrival I realized that almost all era Beach; clear that more forward told me that some artificial, but it was a great experience, especially because we could rent a car in Los Cristianos. Car rental Christians find a modern and cheap car that helped us to mobilize us without trouble and without problems by the beautiful...
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