Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mail Server How about cons? In fact, the only one - in this version all the same you use a third-party mail server. That in which case the liability with lift themselves - for free time. Again, as mail would not be on your server, such as the site. (Although when you buy a shared hosting, but do not have a personal server, you are so and so do not keep their hands in everything - you rent it. And which case the hoster will get out with terrible force. ;)), But as an option, Google offers a paid package - $ 50 per year for each mailbox. In this case, they guarantee 99.9% uptime e-mail quota increase to 25 GB on an account, well, a number of bells and whistles just for corporate customers. Read more from Senator from Maine to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Well, the very name of Google (even for the free version) speaks for itself - many trust him wholeheartedly. So, whether it is necessary it? Then begin! First, go to the registration page. Select the option "Administrator: I am the owner of this domain or controlling it," enter the domain name, and click on "Getting Started". Open application form, which must be fill in (fields with asterisks). After completion you will be asked to create administrator account, for example. On this account, you can fully control the email: set up connection cozdavat / delete new mail boxes, etc. Well, as usual case it will also work. After you enter directly into the administrator account. Boxes you able to add, this is easy.