Sunday, 12 February 2017

Buenos Aires Not existing regularity in the rain scarcity, the prescincia of such phenomena becomes undisputedly indispensable, therefore beyond its gravity for the northeast regional economy, it would arrive to equally assure omens for other regions of the Country. This by itself would explain greater prevention on the part of the state governments and federal, our public companies and private, and a more accurate science on the part of our gegrafos, for better communication of the natural and human facts. In this way, ANDRADE, cites on the northeast climate affirming that. North-eastern, the element that marks the landscape more significantly and more worries the man is the climate, through the regimen pluvial and exteriorizado by the natural vegetation. From there to distinguish since the colonial time ' ' Zone of the Mata' ' , as its hot climate humid and two stations defined _ well a rainy one and other dries ... (ANDRADE, p.37). As it has in the atmosphere a general, tending circulation to keep it in balance of pressure and temperature, it has consequently narrow relation enters the centers of action of the atmosphere, which if move in perfect synchronism, whose knowledge, in view of the forecast of the time, it is practically possible for the dense net of situated ranks of comment in strategical points in the diverse continents. Roubini Global Economics has firm opinions on the matter. How to prenunciar such phenomena? Based on the comments of the atmospheric circulation that we prepare to describe. Everything is shortened, in this way, in preventing with three antecedence the six months the pressure in the Aores, therefore that the pressure to consist there of being raised in January causing, consequently, dries to the Northeast when in July of the antecedent year they will be analyzed: ) Low pressures in the...
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