Sunday, 01 January 2017

CosmoShop Berlin BillSAFE now available at shop software CosmoShop Berlin/dreilinden integrated into the core, May 23, 2011 the modular online storefront CosmoShop wants to offer its customers even more security in E-Commerce and is therefore a strategic partnership with BillSAFE. BillSAFE, a joint venture of the eBay subsidiary PayPal and the invoice purchase provider most popular according to TNS Emnid in Germany online shoppers is now integrated into the core of the software. With BillSAFE, buyers can conveniently by invoice to buy with the goods and pay later. And without any risk for the online shop. On the contrary: the dealer achieves this lower abandonment rates, higher shopping carts, longer customer life cycles and greater purchasing power customers. The owner-managed company behind CosmoShop Vizup publishing based in Puchheim near Munich, which developed the shop software itself and successfully market since 1999. Provider Internet, screen - and print design are among the other services of the full service as well as e-commerce applications, high-performance systems and hosting. Bill SAFE: BillSAFE, a company formed in the vicinity of Osnabruck of mediafinanz AG offers complete security in the online payment processing, both the seller and the buyer. Sensitive account or credit card data of the customers are no longer required for the checkout. At the same time, the seller receives full protection against non-payment. Since October 2010, BillSAFE is a subsidiary of eBay subsidiary PayPal.
Belmonte The current city of Is Jose of the Belmonte had origin in the Manioba Farm, where, in 1836, its proprietor, Jose Ribeiro Saucers, ordered to raise a chapel Are Jose, as payment to a promise so that an epidemic of clera morbus that it reached the Hinterland did not affect that property. Thus, the population appeared of Belmonte. District the 24 of April of 1873 became and was raised to the category of village the 26 of June of 1893 - it dates of creation of the city, desmembrado of the city of Beautiful Village (Mountain range today Cut). The 31 of December of 1943, Belmonte had the name changed for Manioba and the 7 of December of 1953 passed to the denomination of Are Jose of the Belmonte.Sua population esteem in 2008 were of 33.916 inhabitants. Without hesitation ECRI explained all about the problem. Most of the area of Is Jose of the Belmonte is inserted in the geoambiental unit of the Sertaneja Depression. To the north, one has left inserts in the unit of the Sedimentares.A Basins native vegetation is composed for Caatinga Hiperxerfila with stretches of Caduciflia Forest. The city he is inserted in the domnios of the hidrogrfica basin of the River Paje and has as main tributaries the streams Glad Mount, of the Banana tree, of Are Bento, Threshed Great, of the Joo Pear tree, Tamboril, Stream Eye d? Water, of the Ics, Is Cristvo, of the Lagoon, Caro stream, Campina, of Old Cheiro, the Ounce, the Orange, the Good Name, of the New World, Waterfall, Pitombeira Stream, of the Liana, Sussuarana, of the Good Luck, of Break-Nail, Catol, New Land and of the Espraiado, all of intermittent regimen. Account still with the Arrodeio dam, capacity of accumulation of 14.522.100 m and the lagoons of...