Wednesday, 14 December 2016

BillSAFE Company BillSAFE invoice - full protection without registration the payment "Purchase on invoice" on the occasions of the press award-winning service provider BillSAFE is both the shop operators and buyers above-average rated. About the company BillSAFE online shop operator can offer the invoice purchase completely risk-free. And without any registration of the end user; BillSAFE the invoice that enables even guest buyers. The Osnabruck Factoring Company guarantees its clients a secure liquidity planning and transfers the required invoice amount even if the consumer does not pay. In addition to this waterproof risk prevention dealers benefit from the high popularity of the payment account for the consumers. A higher conversion, larger shopping carts, as well as a stronger customer loyalty are just a few of the positive side effects. Moreover even the complete customer management acquires the renowned company for its users. With the complete protection of invoice purchase the premium service from BillSAFE has not exhausted but still long: BillSAFE offers its clients also support the connection. all modules are provided free of charge. In addition the company provides even a comfortable SOAP interface as a general solution for users who want more individual link BillSAFE into your software. Perfect security in the online payment processing company about the AG mediafinanz in the vicinity of Osnabruck BillSAFE GmbH BillSAFE offers both the seller and the buyer. Sensitive account or credit card data of the customers are no longer required for the purchase of winding. At the same time, the seller receives full protection against non-payment.
Electronically Transmitted Invoices Gunter Zielinski - accountant from Hamburg informed electronically submitted invoices so far had to have a qualified electronic signature, otherwise the deduction of VAT was not enabled. The request of the electronic signature in an electronic transmission of invoices with retroactive effect from the 1.7.2011 is abolished by the tax simplification Act of 2011. The legislature wants to equate the electronic invoice of paper bills thereby make this not more complicated than a paper bill. The Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg explains how to simplify the delivery of e-invoices to the tax office. Electronic data delivery summarizes each data transmission under an electronic invoice is issued and received in an electronic format. The Bills can be sent by E-Mail, as text or PDF attachment, as a Web download or via data carrier Exchange (EDI). An important requirement is that the invoice the invoice without special Must read resource. Singing nature duty eliminates the previously binding requirement to sign the Bills with a qualified electronic signature (QES), is required. Here, the legislature has granted a technical hurdle out of the way, because the signature process was costly. Under the new law, it is now possible to Exchange invoices electronically as a PDF file or as E-Mail without qualified electronic signature, provided that the recipient agrees to. By appropriate internal measures must however the authenticity, integrity and readability of the Bills be sure and manufactured a secure audit trail between performance and accounting. No new procedure within a company must be established for compliance with an internal control procedure. An appropriately furnished accounting, which allows the assignment of the invoice on the received power, is sufficient. Continue to invoices must contain the usual characteristics that the recognition at the tax office are necessary. Also, the retention periods must be observed even when...