Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Convince People How to persuade people to take you right decision? The idea of sharing their experience, knowledge, and most importantly, ideas on how to persuade people to do you need action came after a conversation with a former classmate, who prompted to think about this article. Well, it will be interesting, if only because a definitive answer to this question humanity can not get from the time of emergence of market relations. Define the main - I will not talk about the secrets of persuasion, I will discuss the secrets of sales. More precisely, not even the secrets and fundamentals of sales, for the belief in the long run "sale" of another person his opinion. The thoughts presented later in this article based on my work in the conference and publishing business: the first, we sold the corporate involvement in business activities to representatives of Russian and foreign companies, in the second - to sell advertising to convince provide us with the most favorable conditions for distributing publications and so on. In a word, and in the first and second cases was necessary to include the skills of persuasion to the maximum, in order to achieve the necessary conditions. 1. What we sell to any conversation in which you want someone to offer something to be carefully prepared. First and foremost, you must be the greatest expert in that product, service or suggestion that you intend to promote. Try to carefully examine all the features, capabilities and benefits of your offer - this is the most important thing in any conversation in which you convince your buddy to advisability of purchasing or consent.