Tuesday, 09 August 2016

Tax Returns Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy informed through the introduction of the ELSTER procedure the preparation of income tax returns has simplified significantly. As with the classical paper form care must be taken however to indicate to all deductions, to avoid negative consequences. Given the still widespread unfamiliarity with the official software of the ELSTER taxable persons should check grainy thoroughly their electronic income tax returns after experience of the Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter on completeness, before they send them to the IRS. Conspicuous lack of information only, if the opposition period against the Finanzamt has already expired, it will be difficult to enforce a correction in favour of the taxpayer. The legislature only allows the correction of stock-powerful tax bills if the taxpayer can demonstrate credibly that facts and documents which require a change, only with hindsight are known him. He aims a changing obtaining a tax advantage, he may have not grossly negligent itself caused the subsequent knowledge of these circumstances. In connection with the magpie software, the taxpayer can explain his failures with the argument, he had no instructions to hand or not understood this. Because the software includes all necessary points of tax returns and presents the user is obliged to take them into account. Were the taxpayer about details of deductible maintenance overlooked queried in any case of the magpie software, it must allow attributable to itself this circumstance as gross negligence. Therefore, an adjustment based on new facts"does not consider. In principle, this applies to all trigger factors contained in the magpie program. Whether the taxpayer to be a faulty data transfer to the PC as a rough negligence has become, is currently disputed before the German financial jurisdiction. A number of revision processes exist to this legal question the Bundesfinanzhof. In the drawing...
Mechanical Engineering Fraunhofer IAO supports the development of services Fraunhofer IAO in the innovation network supports the innovation network services developing the economy of the future is an economy in which there will be more and not less machines, but the function of these machines will change dramatically to the part. Because machines are manufacturers, customers in the future services creating platforms for innovative and value-added, what and suppliers alike poses new challenges. To address these challenges, has the Fraunhofer IAO together with enterprises of mechanical engineering, automation technology and specialized software vendors the innovation network service platform machine "started. In the foreground are the strategic further development of the service business, the development of new solutions to support customer needs and the optimization of existing services. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit KBS. It solutions and concepts for three subject areas are developed. At the"information transparency in the Service sales it involves the question of how information flows, service products and distribution structures must be designed so that even complex, cycle-oriented services can be offered custom. The development of approaches to cope with the increasing complexity of products, processes and services is at the heart of the topic area complexity management to maintain a consistently high service quality worldwide. Finally, the partners in the field working Datenbasierte business models "to new business models, primarily supported by data and information flows, resulting from the use of the machine at the customer..