Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Strategies For The Cultivation Of The Trout Profile of the producer. a.)-people than ever before to cultivated a fish, thinks talk of growing trout, it is the same talk of grazing livestock or agriculture rainfed and this is a big mistake. (b) the producer must be consents, that the technical assistance, they are indispensable, because the cost of learning for the producer without consulting is very high and losses sometimes are great. c.-when trout-producing families learn the culture, on its own initiative, because rang them to good life, his enthusiasm, arrives the day wondering. That is what we must do with my trout? Who me'll it buy? When will them buy? Of that want them way buy? How can I renew my batch of fattening? How to enter another type of market? What to do when they get sick? Are my ponds suitable? Are the pups that I donate or sell of good quality? 3. Now the producer has to be a processor, a marketer, a dealer and up to a merchant, all this requires more knowledge, which the producer owned. Requirements that a potential producer could begin in trout farming. The interest of the producer. Availability of suitable land. Sufficient quantity and quality of water. Availability of passable roads at any time of the year. Advice and theoretical training and practical permanent, to improve and make more efficient the production. Economic potential, to project short, medium and long-term outcomes. 2 Fish. a.)-origin and provenance of the fish which we try to cultivate. To not add good money to bad or not to have missed and of knowing the facility where hatchlings are bought, if possible. (b).-safety that are free of diseases. All batches of offspring should be handed over to the producers, with certificates of health and genetic quality, backed by a laboratory recognized in where...
Multifaceted Marketing Promo The term "promotion" was used several decades ago, and later after the appearance of such a trend in advertising, as BTL, was one of the methods of sales promotion. Each year the popularity of promotions - stock increases is the most effective method to promote to attract the target audience for a certain range of goods and still relatively inexpensive. But with the spread of the promo, there was also another difficulty in advertising agencies, how make sure that it is their promotional campaign was the most memorable and creative? Each agency comes up with his methods, so flash mob is an integral part and is increasingly used to attract potential customers. But let's look at the positive aspects of promotions for all participants in this movement: potential clients, customers and performers, that is, promoters. The people involved in the promotion, as the target audience, this type of promotion is always only a bright and memorable emotions. Most good impression on the "gift for your purchase", it's so nice to discover that by buying everyday things we can for free get a gift. Shares of "two for the price of one" and leave positive emotions. It has become a popular holding shares to purchase the product, you need to find a special code or multiple codes and send them through SMS and win a gift. However, this method does not always bring the desired response, associated primarily with the high cost for sending SMS and a small chance to win valuable prizes.