Friday, 07 December 2012

Stephen Covey Its character is the root of its strength and the spiritual nucleus that life gives him to the root. On the matter it comments the Dr. Rum Jenson: is urgent to Us to carry out a return to the spiritual roots and to concentrate us in the character. These are the true bases the authentic one to be able personal. What counts is the one who you in most intimate are of your being, in deepest of your faith, in its spiritual strength. Your character determines who you are. What you are determines what you see. And what you see it determines what beams. Your spiritual life is expressed through your character. It is why the development of the character is the center of the development of the life man; and, consequently, it must be his priority. The character is, according to Stephen K. Mawell and other authors, a conventional belief that it is in a conduct consistent. We can see that the character begins inside the man (a conventional belief) and it are expressed externally (consistent conduct). That belief or internal conviction defines the directions by which the individual is related to the world and the people. The character defines all our style of external life: conducts and attitudes. To focus on the character is to develop the internal sphere of the man (thoughts, capacity of election, forms to relate to us to others, form to feel). Bibliography: 1. Rum Jenson, How to achieve the authentic success, 2002.2. Stephen Covey, the 7 Habits of highly effective people, 1989.3. Biblical Stephen K. McDowell, Principles for the reform of the nations, 1992.4. Stephen Covey, First First, 1995.5. Stephen Covey, Leadership Centered in Principles, 1993. Original author and source of the article.
Salom Before the door beat my coasts, and you it left Saying its last good bye, In a storm of feelings, In a fury access, I lost all mine known composure, Between shouts of relief and words irrationals, Praguejei your name, I swept with the arms objects on the table, Everything was to the soil, Glasses, plates, you move, pictures Everything was to the soil, I unhaired, I tore letters, Photos and everything that remembered we two, Everything who were your footprints in my way, I lamented the lost dream, I desired you, all the possible misfortune, Later falls in the center in the room In one I cry despaired, Later falls in the center of the Exausta room, suicidal assassin and. When the tears had dried, and it remained me only incontidos feelings, I arose myself swaying, I inebriated of wine or blood and danced in the center of the Done room driven crazy Salom. I did not exist for a few seconds, I woke up with the Sun of the morning, That crossed the glassware and gave in my face, and with a butterfly, in a perplexed flight displicente and for the room, On the shy light of one morning of sunday. Already it was late to run away, Already it was late for any thing, That I intended to make in that day, Then I left this day to lament and to be sad, Simply sad, Then I left myself enters rubbles. The sun gave in my face, But not yet I arose myself To the few I am arising itself, To the few I am smiling, To the few I am recovering, and when to arrive the spring, Already I will have wing, and I will fly displicente and perplexed between flowers and other dreams, In one...