Friday, 09 November 2012

The Sidewalk Already she walks stops beyond the Mount of the Viva' ' (p.72). The personage, left the Tijuca where in the Tupi language she has as meant of mud, bog, then arrives in the Gloria, symbolizing the situation of joy and sensation of freedom, and goes beyond the Mount of widower, symbolizing the distanciamento with its husband of its life? The water of rain and the water of the present sea in all the text. The water, the vital element, represents the distant and cold life of the personage, and its full future of uncertainties, as we can evidence in the following stretches of the story: ' ' It was a moment thinking if that stretch he would be deep, because one became impossible to guess: the dark, shady waters, as much could be the centimeters of the sand how much to hide infinito' ' (P. 24). ' ' It started to be dark and it had fear, rain fell without truces and the sidewalk they shone humid the light of the Lmpadas' ' (p.71), ' ' It was enough to look at demoradamente for inside d? water and to think that world did not have end. It was as if it was drowning and never it found the deep one of the sea with the feet. A heavy anguish. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CEO Angel Martinez. But it looked why it then? ' ' (P. 72) ' ' Gasping room was in the way it. Rain increased. It heard its to tamborilhar in zinc of the yard and the shout of the servant being collected the clothes. Now it was as dilvio' ' (p.74). ' ' But it does not have sufficient money to travel. The tickets are so expensive. all that rain that...
Personnel Manager If you know (at least in general terms) the subtleties of the Job opening, it will greatly help you to be on the interview did not stray "Alien", but it is "their". Believe me, this information is extremely important, even if the interview and you will not be a direct opportunity to boast to your excellent knowledge of the organization's history. You at least will talk to employer in one language, correctly understanding the context of his questions and statements about the meaning of his own organization. Chevron spoke with conviction. (Although many employers are asked directly: "Why do you want to work in our organization?". And there is no right answer "because you have a high salary," but "because I share the goals and principles of your business", followed by transfer of these same principles). 2) No less important is loyalty to the manager HR not only the organization but also personally head the organization. In small and medium business manager, personnel management - a position high enough level, it is "left" and then "right hand" leader. According to the content of the (direct work with people), as Manager of Human Resources has a great potential power, and can "pick up" some of the power from the head of the organization. In a sense, Personnel Manager is a threat to the head, the danger in terms of the power of competition for the hearts and minds of subordinates. That is why any manager, personnel manager taking on the job, wants to make sure that the employee is not a threat (in terms of usurping the supreme power), and will serve faithfully and personally head.