Thursday, 22 November 2012

Paralympic I hope that by the time all those who at the time will act, become familiar with the nuances of the infrastructure. And at home, as you know, after all the walls help. In any case, the example of Canada is clearly demonstrated. Incidentally, our Paralympic athletes perform. I think we have them too, wish you success. They are fine people, they work and also do everything in their power to achieve results and to show what can our country. A lot of work ahead. I think we have to this issue I shall return. Now let's move on to the official part of the ceremony - a state award. ** The first thing that strikes one is that the president's speech blended into a single two problems: the winners and congratulations to business talk with them about improving sports infrastructure for the Sochi-2014. It is more logical would be to divide the meeting (and, consequently, his speech) into two parts: the first - before the awards, greeting the second - after, the business. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of founder of Groupon on most websites. For some reason, it is not was done. But let us turn to join. The President refers to the type of speakers, which is very easy to start talking, because an increased interest in their words provide for their social status. Such errors as the entry the failure of attention or unallocated his speech in a number of other speeches to make is simply impossible. Acquaint the audience with an also not necessary, except when necessary to speak to young children in some kindergarten.
Cabbage The secondary aversivos stimuli or conditional, acquire their aversivas properties when being related them to other aversivos events like physical pain or loss of privileges. The secondary aversivos stimuli include gestures, pitchings, fruncimiento of frown and fines of transit (Kazdin, 1978). Verbal affirmations: The verbal affirmations in the form of warnings, dispproval, to say no, and the threats, usually employ in the daily interactions between teacher and student, father and son and between brothers, spouses, friendly and enemies. Of occasional way, the verbal affirmations have been used to suppress conduct in applied investigation, for example, the regaos and the affirmations of dispproval have been applied in scenes of hall classes to reduce the game during the lessons, to be outside their place, to speak without permission and other desorganizantes conducts (Hall and Cabbage, 1971 mentioned by Kazdin, 1978). Electrical shock: The electrical shock is another aversivo event that can appear after the conduct, is used rarely, it has been only restricted to people involved in dangerous conducts for themselves or the others, and that have not responded to other procedures. When the electrical shock in those extraordinary situations is used, in general the arm is made briefly in a finger or, producing a fast and remarkable suppression of the conduct. At present it is not used, partly because its use makes also arise topical ethical and legal but because are available other less objectionable but effective alternatives (Kazdin, 1978). Negative punishment: retirement of positive consequences the punishment often takes the form from retirement of positive events instead of presentation from later aversivos stimuli to the conduct. The familiar examples include/understand loss of privileges, money, or to the driving licence after the conduct. The valued events of positive way and that even can act like booster positives, are retired as a...