Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Municipal Infrastructure: No One Wants To Overpay Do not be mistaken, saying that the problem of municipal networks in Russia today is one of the most acute. Investment in housing is for investors to low-yielding, and because commercial organizations prefer to send funds in other sectors of the construction industry. According to many, investment in this sector not only liquid, but are a direct appreciation of the building. In addition, existing tariffs in the sphere of housing outside the law bounded above, it can not hold investors. Many writers such as more information offer more in-depth analysis. Funding mechanism for public infrastructure is still not clear, although the Town Planning Code in its latest edition provides that land under building should be sold at auction with a ready infrastructure. In the West, this practice has long been traditional. But in order to sell plots with communications, the government must invest huge money in the wiring these networks. And where is the money to take? For example, the budget of the Kirov region in 2008 involves the allocation of grants for the development of engineering infrastructure of municipalities of the region at the expense of federal budget the amount of 24 million 126 thousand rubles, and grant co-financing investment projects of social and engineering infrastructure in the amount of 166 million rubles. Is this enough? "It's no secret that the Kirov is difficult to financially region - said the executive director of the Union of construction companies of the Kirov region, Alexander Nevinsky. - It is still an unresolved issue of granting land plots with prepared infrastructure.
Rousseau Social Another aspect is also known the uses of reason, IE, to their ability you reason to higher than that of animals. While the animals make to their choices or rejects them, men of it freely, an act of freedom. The man is being who strives will be perfection sometimes be dominated by passions, seek the highest degree the thirst you know lives and lives. Goal Ultimately the is you the show that social Rousseau is the foundation of order. Natural She is not of right and to neither of forces, but an agreement, the social pact. The man lost his original freedom. Keywords: man - freedom - social contract - society Introduction the society of which we are part is marked by facts and events nonsenses disordering the social structures and politics of the same one, were not different in the Rousseauniano period. The common good is the motivador essential top of Rousseau for the writing of the SOCIAL CONTRACT, being the politics the starting point for its reflection. The politics when elapsing of the years loses what it is had of more essential in its context and needs to be restored, so that the man can from itself, more not to imprison itself to that if they identify as detainers of the power (heads of the State). For Rousseau the politics can be called as the art of the possible one, be worried about the nature and the happiness of the man thus determining the bedding politician in ' ' principles of the right politician. Utopianly it is the proposal used by Rousseau, to define the politics and with it must be the behavior of the man front to the same one, for if keeping in the level of the principles, in the abstract. Therefore the happiness of the...